Supporting those in need

The homeless issue is a mounting crisis and becoming almost unmanageable with Hostels and Housing Associations working as a revolving door to people with Complex Needs. 3 STEPS PROJECT is a not for Profit Company based in North East of England that provides support and advice to the vulnerable and marginalised demographic and guide them on a pathway to self-improvement /self-actualisation and reduce recurrences.

3 STEPS PROJECT aims to provide a new approach to address the continuing situation our fellow neighbour finds themselves in, sleeping rough on our streets, the effects of mental health, poverty resulting in homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction, the plight of refugees. How our communities interact with people who find themselves in situations that require a compassionate calm measured approach.
In order to make a greater impact on this cause 3 Steps Project asks for your support by making a donation through our fundraising page:

All support whether financial, kind or by sharing this, is greatly appreciated…


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