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Aiming to Help People across the North East and the UK

Battling Homelessness in The North East Of England

At 3 Steps Project North East, our aim is to provide a new approach when addressing the situations that our neighbours find themselves in. From homelessness and sleeping rough to mental health problems and addiction issues, there’s a lot going on in The North East Of England. How our communities interact with people who find themselves in situations that require a compassionate, calm, and measured approach changes the end result, and this is why we work hard for everyone in the local area.



The idea behind 3 Steps Project North East comes as a response to the revolving door phenomenon marginalised individuals find themselves in and the social injustice where barriers are put in front of them. The aim is to help prevent homelessness and equip individuals with education and invaluable skills to self-sustain and be productive community members.

Specific Concept

The organisation aims to provide a lifeline to the vulnerable and marginalised. The organisation will support individuals through an innovative person-centred planning (PCP), 3-Step Concept to Independence. The organisation also aims to offer floating support to individuals recommended or identified by the council or private housing associations as at risk of losing their accommodation due to various reasons, including:

  • Debt
  • Alcohol and Substance Misuse
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Offending Behaviours

Value Proposition

3 Steps Project North East aims to offer an innovative 3-step simple approach to help clients reach self-actualisation. The approach is moving away from other approaches that rather weigh down clients with a multitude of goals. We will use PCP social model therapy with emphasis on choices and equipping clients with confidence and invaluable skills. We’re a small but effective can-do, resilient group with knowledge and more than 30 years’ experience working in the care environment, and this allows us to guide individuals to self-actualisation. 3 Steps Project North East provides and supplies secure accommodation to vulnerable groups to ease demand. 

The homeless issue is a mounting crisis and becoming almost unmanageable with hostels and housing associations working as a revolving door to people with complex needs.

Contact us, in The North East Of England,  to find out more about how we’re acting against homelessness and sleeping rough.