Battling Homelessness in Gateshead, Newcastle, and the North East

3 Steps Project NE provides a new approach to addressing the difficulties faced by our neighbours throughout Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, and the North East. From homelessness and rough sleeping to mental health problems and addiction issues, many underlying factors can affect vulnerable individuals. Working hard for everyone in the local area, we believe that community interaction and a compassionate, calm, and measured approach can address and reduce the impact of these factors. Please contact our team today for more information.

Angel of the North

About 3 Steps Project NE

The homelessness issue is a mounting crisis, and with hostels and housing associations working as a revolving door to people with complex needs, it’s becoming almost unmanageable. We founded our organisation as a response to the social injustice and other difficulties faced by marginalised individuals.

3 Steps Project NE is a small group, but we have an effective can-do attitude and more than 30 years of knowledge and experience in the care environment, which allows us to deliver personalised services for those who need us. Our goal is to prevent homelessness by equipping clients with the skills and education they need to self-sustain and be productive members of the community.

Calm Beach

How We Can Help

At 3 Steps Project NE, we provide a lifeline to the vulnerable and marginalised. We support individuals through an innovative three-step person-centred planning (PCP) process and guide them on a pathway to independence.

We also provide floating support to individuals recommended or identified by councils or private housing associations as being at risk of losing their accommodation due to various reasons, including:

Mission Statement - How We Can Help

  • Debt

  • Alcohol and Substance Misuse

  • Mental Health Issues

  • Offending Behaviours

What We Do

With our simple, three-step approach, we hope to help our clients achieve self-actualisation. Rather than weighing you down with a multitude of goals, we use PCP social model therapy to emphasise choices and equip clients with confidence and invaluable skills. We also provide secure accommodation to vulnerable clients and groups to ease demand.

Interested in Our Services?

Whatever your needs, our dedicated homeless organisation is here to help.